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Friday, December 4, 2015

Me, Me, Me, Me... oh and Me

One of the things that has struck me deeply during my Theology course is the incredible self-centered mindset of the post-modern age we are living in. This post-modern theology has seeped into our churches widely among the young adults and youth, but even in some of the older members. It has become all about finding a church body that fulfills "my" needs. That serves "me". That "I" feel at home in. That sings music "I" like. That agrees with "my" views. No longer has it become important to serve the body of Christ. No longer is it all about "Him". People leave churches and even Bible schools all because one time, someone says something the disagree with. Instead of learning about it and growing in their faith, they leave. The desire to serve God by loving the church body and serving them has left. It is all about "me".
Friendships are broken because people don't show up to baby/bridal/whatever showers because they have to work or have prior commitments. People fight because the worship leader played too many hymns or too many modern worship songs. Or even they have a different style of leading than the team is used to. All hell breaks loose if the pastor shows any intolerance for any type of people group, even if what the pastor says is based on Biblical truth. Churches fight and divide over small disagreements that are blown up into a big deal. Different denominations think everything about the other one is "wrong" because it doesn't agree with what they think. The body of Christ is smashed into a billion pieces who are constantly fighting against each-other. How then does this look to those outside of our faith? How then does the world see Christianity? As a bunch of hypocrites who can't even get along with their friend in the church and are so easily offended when someone can't make an event that they leave? Or they hated the way the music sounded so they wont have anything to do with that church anymore? How is that what we want to show people? How is that okay?!
The body of Christ is ALL believers. It is all churches. Across the whole world. When we fight, when we hurt, when we ignore, when we gossip and lie about the people in our churches, the people in other churches, or any believer, we are breaking apart the reflection of Christ we are supposed to be. We are bit by bit tearing apart Christ's bride. All because of "me". Because "I" didn't like that. Because "I" wasn't pleased. Because "my" party wasn't full of people. Because the worship leader played music "I" didn't like in a style "I" find annoying. Because this Sunday "I" don't agree with the pastor.
When has being a Christian been about "me"? When has Christ dying ever been just about "me"? Yes, Christ loves me. Yes, He died to save me, but He also died to save the pastor I disagree with. The family who one Sunday didn't say hi to me. The worship leader who can never please everyone by his/her music choices. Christ died for them! That we as a body of believers might bring glory to Him... by fighting?! Because of "me"? No. By placing Him in the place of "me".
During this Christmas season, I am again blown away by God's incredible trust of humans. That He allowed a human girl to carry Himself in human form. That humans raised Him. That He believed a human capable of raising God as a child. And then I look around now and I see no reason for God to choose to trust us, or love us because of our selfishness. How sad is this? That we are so selfish that we don't even see the grace of God through all of the "me"? I encourage and challenge you readers to take time to look beyond the "me" in your life, and to see others around you that perhaps need you to be with them during this season in their lives. Maybe it will mean sacrifice on your part as you lay down the "me" for "Him". But in doing this, maybe, just maybe, we can slowly piece back together the body of believers and actually work together to reflect Christ to a world so broken.


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