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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trusting God- My Story

Hey my bloggers! :)

Sorry its been so long! School/life-in-general got MAJORLY busy! :P So I wanted to give you guys a little update on how things have been for me.

Well, back in May I went to this AMAZING event called YC Alberta! (Probably my favorite thing of the entire year). I learned so much there! I got to hear Brett Ullman speak again, and went to a talk called Heartache Warfare. Heartache Warfare was really hard for me. I was going through a lot in my own life at that time. I was dating someone behind my parents back (btw... DON'T TRY THAT! it doesnt work, and they know anyways... :P ) and he happened to be with me at that talk. My parents were around (dont worry! I wasn't that crazy haha) and I found it very hard to listen to how much we need to keep God as the center when I was doing something I knew wouldn't be honoring to God. I kept feeling God telling me to trust Him the entire weekend and to be Peter and step out of the boat. (weirdly enough my youth pastor had used that story to encourage us to trust God and it came up at a few of the talks at YC). Me being stubborn old me, decided to do things MY way. (again... don't ignore God... very bad idea...) I put off stepping back from that relationship... and things got even more strained with my family. My family is next to God, the most important people in my life. I love them incredible amounts, and having this come between us wasn't what I wanted. :( So in the past month I finally decided to follow God and trust Him enough to take care of my future. I know He has someone planned for me. :) I trust Him enough to give Him the pen to my love story.

I really want to encourage you who read this to hold out for someone who loves God more than anything else, and who shares the same values as you. It is so so so important that they love God as much as you do, if not more. Being in love with God is the first sign that they will know how to love you in the way you need/desire to be loved.

Yes, I still hurt. Yes, I still am confused. But I trust my First Love to take care of my earthly love for me. :) I pray all of you will be strong enough and brave enough to do the same.

I will try to get some more devo's up here and more updates and such soon! :)